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Dr. Nicholas Nomicos joined the staff of Chowchilla Memorial Healthcare District’s Chowchilla Medical Center in 2005 having previously been an emergency physician at Mercy Medical Center Merced and a staff physician at Patients First Medical Center in Merced. He came with a strong background in emergency and general medicine as well as extensive experience with workman’s compensation. In June 2008 his services were extended to the District’s skilled nursing facility.

Dr. Nomicos grew up in Southern California and has been a licensed physician in California since 1990. Licensed in Michigan also, he did his residency and practiced emergency medicine until 2003. He is a Chowchilla resident and has taken an active part in the community and in student athletics.

“Ask The Doctor” is brought to you as a community service by the Chowchilla Memorial Healthcare District, Chowchilla Skilled Nursing Facility, and Dr. Nicholas Nomicos. We welcome your medical related questions either by email or by traditional mail. All questions will be answered with the information available. Some questions may be referred to our consultant specialists. If so, more time may be required to answer. Particularly relevant questions will be published on our website. Of course, requests to have a question answered in privacy will be honored.

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